20 May 2012

Mission Impossible

I have not been posting for a long long time... SO busy! My contract ends in 7 weeks or so, they are trying to help me out fixing another too small contract so that I am not unemployed, but this is difficult apparently, since I am on pregnancy leave for 10 weeks into the "new" contract and that is hard to manage or something... Meanwhile we have to fix a room for the baby, and I followed a very intense course on leadership and management. Plus, I have 3 more articles to write. And first do the analyses for. In 7 weeks. Without getting stressed because that is bad for the baby. And I have to teach two courses, and correct all the stuff the students hand in, And I want to apply for jobs that make more money while preferably are closer to home. Even writing down this list makes my heart rate increase and my stress level rise noticeable. All this stuff combined my life feels like one big mission impossible :(

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