31 May 2012

this just feels like giving up

No no I am not really giving up. Trust me, I am too faithful for that but... My contract ends in July My uni persons are really happy with my teaching, I get really high appraisals from the students as well My uni persons asked me if I wanted to stay However, the teaching persons wanted to make a job application public in which they wanted to find somebody who isn't pregnant So, my contract definitely ends in July This feels like: first I had to beg for an extension of my PhD contract which I really deserved but did not get because the want to screw me over by offering me a part time teaching job that doesn't AT ALL cover the costs. I even have to pay 200 dollars a month simply to go to work, leaving me with even less money Now I have to beg if they want to be so generous as to renew my contract. It is Illegal to not renew a contract because a woman is pregnant. But nobody is going to put that reason in writing of course. And it sure feels like they should make a step to help me out. They left me in the cold when my first prof left. Leaving me with a year delay. But nooo, I have to make concessions. Taking a pay cut to get an extension. Taking a small job to keep my desk. Doing an excellent job as teacher isn't even good enough to be able to get a job renewal because I got pregnant. After two years of praying and hoping and losing a pregnancy. And every job I apply for I get these stupid messages that my CV isn't in line with the job. Raaaaa

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  1. Oh I'm so sorry to hear this news. I don't know what to say but don't give up. You're better than those who are treating you badly. Remember this.