02 March 2012

funds and proposals

My prof is writing a fund-proposal and has sent me a graph, so I can help prof out a bit. I think the graph is too full, but because the topic is kind of intertwined with 1000 other sub-topics this is how it is. Full. However, the graph is also asymmetric. I hate asymmetric graphs; when you can obtain symmetry, make the graph symmetrical. Or at least make sure the circles and boxes are aligned. I aligned the boxes, and made the graph symmetric. In doing so I wondered what the chances of prof getting funded will be… (S)He clearly has no clue of Office skills, lay out has always been a hassle. English is a problem as well. Not that my English is all native and stuff, but when I can detect writing and grammar errors, the level of proficiency is not that high, I guess. Adding those things up, considering that (s)he will compete against all these super-duper well prepared competitors (people whose blogs I read, who invest a lot of time in the how-to's of funding, who sit in committees to increase their knowledge on how to get funded) , I fear chances are low of prof getting funded. Even though the topic is really relevant. In the end I feel that content, knowledge, and feasibility should play the most important role. But without writing and graphic skills there is no way that a proposal will be selected for a second look, proposals with bad lay out and written in weird English will be dismissed as one of the first… Or am I too negative?

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