10 February 2012

Where am I

It has been pretty quiet on my blog, due to craziness happening over here. Halfway January I managed to finish all the grading. Grading the exams was pretty okay, took me 6 whole days, but was doable. Grading articles written by first year students was like hell. Or torture. Or both. It made me miserable. "The purpose of this research article is that I needed to write it because the teacher says so" Meanwhile I also got news that my second experimental article was accepted, so I am now fully qualified to write up and defend my thesis. That said, I need to analyze, write down, and submit three more articles. Deadline: yesterday... After finishing grading hubby and I took a week off. Well not really hubby and me... It now is hubby + me + 0,25 human being. The biggest event ever: I am pregnant. After two years of trying. So people, if you ever think you might wait until later/next year/next decade/whatever to start getting pregnant, not a good idea, unless you actually do no want it, or you do not get hurt if things might not go the way you planned. It took us two years. And we were really close to getting medical aid, but I did not want it because it didn't feel good. In the end we didn't need it, clearly :D Still have to wrap my head around the fact that one day, I will suffer horrendous pains ("we" do not do pain relieving drugs here during child birth (blah blah blah women delivering babies for ages this way, so blah blah blah), so I need to mentally prepare myself for the moment that the huge little one pushes itself in the birth channel, gets stuck, and someone decides to get a pair of scissors to cut me open. Without pain killers. Not. A. Nice. Idea.) and that "we" in the future means 3 persons....(plus 2 cats, 2 horses, and some tropical fish).

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  1. Congratulations! On the article, and especially on the pregnancy, of course! I hope the next months go smoothly!