03 March 2012

take home message???

I am writing a lot these days, as well as correcting written stuff of my first year students. What strikes me, is that my writing skills have improved a lot because of the correcting I had to do. Perhaps not visible on my blog, but in half a year I have improved my paragraph constructing, I can now write clear and concise, and keep the number of words down to a level that what is written is understandable, but not swamped in unnecessary words. However... I can not formulate a take home message. This has always been a weak point for me. Part of it is due to the vagueness of my topic. Lots of studies I ran were more of a 'let’s see what this might get us' (usually ending in epic fails) than first working out a hypothesis, and subsequently test the samples. If the last way had been possible, my life as a scientific writer would have been much much easier. Now, when data is in and stuff actually happens, there are many things I love to tell about my data. But what angle should I pick? As such, multiple angles in analyses are possible. The manuscript I am working on now already has two well written versions with a complete different angle. And still I am unable to select what analyses to show in my result section… Add to this the different points of interest and points of view of all my supervisors, and I get lost every other time. I know I should pick my own point of view, pick a take home message I find relevant, since I am the expert of the topic. It is just so very very hard!!

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