28 June 2011

For sale:

Since by the end of July I will loose the benefits of a salary, I am considering selling some of the stuff I gathered. I have collected some stuff I can sell, but I am unable to find out selling info about three things: my Lord of The Rings books I inherited from my dead grandpa. Part one a a sixth print, two a fourth print, and one a third print. They are complete with map and cover. Cover is a tad bit brownish, and the cover of the first part has a small tore. Over Here I can't get any proper estimation IF they are worth anything. Although a lot of people tell me they should be worth something...
I am willing to sell them in order to pay a month rent, but as I said everybody claims they should be worth something, nobody knows how to find out exactly how much..

1 comment:

  1. Sadlby books are usually worth more to their owners than they are in reality. I've sold books to make money and I really didn't make much at all. It wasn't worth the effort I had spent in advertising them. Old books are only worth money if they are the first editions and better still they've been signed by the author.