02 April 2011

6 topics that are of importance for me in a job

In the last post I mentioned that I had to look for 6 things that are important for me in ANY job. Things I need to have to be happy. Things that make me FEEL happy and in the proper place. So here they are.
My 6 things are:
- ability to plan your own work
- friend-potential: working in a environment where I can along with at least some of the people that share some of my interests
- intellectual interests
- possibility to grow (not only in salary or career, also intellectually, and executive)
- close enough to a place I can call home
- being able to take some of the decisions my self
plus, of course:
- being rewarded for things I do (just a well done once in a while, and sporadically some excellent job’s would be nice, and a salary that can actually pay my mortgage)

Now, as a new homework assignment, I need to look for the common denominator in these six (seven, in my case).
Next post, I have to make a hierarchy of them, and say how much I am willing to give in on each of these six (seven in my case, perhaps I should do some pruning before the next session, looks a bit stubborn, having an assignment for 6 and ending up with 7...)

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