12 August 2013

should I stay or should I go

The past couple of years venting on this blog has really helped me. Not that I have finished my thesis, but it helped writing things down. Things that went wrong. Major epic wrongs. And I/we have had a lot of wrongs happening to us. But also a lot of rights. I foresee that spring 2014 I am defending my thesis. I am unemployed right now, but sort of okay with it. Writing articles, applying for jobs. And of course there is the major time consumer of them all. The baby. Not a baby any more, 1 year old. My my time flies. And what I have seen happening with a lot of blogs of PhD mums who gave birth happened to my blog. It bled dry. It is simply tooooo much, working on a PhD thesis, plus trying to find a job, plus running a household, plus a husband who is nearly done with his Bachelors, and the baby. Even when there is nothing to do in the evenings, and future parents there are loads of empty evenings, I am simply too tired to blog. For some reason it is completely out of my system. And I am more worried about my privacy than before, since I want a job. What is somebody happens to add things up and reads the complete blog? So I am thinking about quitting. Lets see what happens in the next couple of months ;)


  1. I get the feeling. I've been struggling with my thesis too but luckily I got by with a little help from my friends (referencing a beatles song lol). I just try to get random inspiration from the most random places, and I hope we both make it through on time.

  2. Lindsey F. Douthitt10/9/13 08:54

    The freedom and opportunity to express is really a great help to lessen the loads to carry and would help you in developing good thesis ideas and will cause you to move forward in writing despite of other responsibilities and commitments outside the academe. When you're writing for all good reasons then why not stay.