06 December 2011

again car damage

I get so tired of being me. I am on the road 40.000 km a year. Yesterday parking my car I scratched another car.

What I could have done:

Drive off.
polish tiny evidence off my car.
secretly polish off evidence for other car, leaving a scratch so small driver would not notice until after winter, when car is washed.

What I did do:
Ring doors asking whose car that was
Finding owner
together we wiped off damage
revealing considerable smaller but still scratch on her car
Now owner is going to shop to get quote on damage

I so so so do not want insurance to know the existence of said scratch, since this will (again..., 40000 km a year increases chances of damage insanely) increase my insurance fee. And I am probably in the books as woman who can not drive can, thus let her pay insane amounts of fee.

Please please please let this be tiny damage. I can hardly pay for gas to go to work. i have only 200 left before I am in maximum debt.

I am just so stressed. Signing off.

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