27 April 2011

things that inspire me

I did some thinking on what inspires me and I found it:

trying to undo a knot.

Whatever knot it is, I like looking at a knot from different perspectives and thinking up ways to untie it. Doesn't really matter what kind of knot it is, scientific, my PhD thesis, or the water pipe in the backyard that we want to install a rain collector in so we can collect rain to water our plants. Or the knot can be my difficult horse.

Problem is: This on the one hand offers me great pleasure in fixing stuff, on the other hand, there is a lot of challenging stuff going on in my life (apart from the rain collector, that was 0,5 hours of work).

*PhD thesis: still a lot of rubbish glued together with some metaphorical duck-tape
*the horse: since yesterday crippled again, plus I can not find anybody who can ride him when I am too busy doing thesis stuff since he is not that easy to manage
*my life: getting pregnant is problematic still, but that warrants a post of its one which I can remove

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