21 December 2012

out of the bubble

I starting to step out of the comfort of the baby bubble. The bubble is nice and warm. And very rewarding. Plus as a scientist I enjoy the development of my child, and I enjoy interacting with my child to evoke the small but very cool developmental steps. My own project ;) However, a bigger project needs to be finished.... My PhD thesis. And for that I STILL need these 3 articles (plus analyses etc) written. And submitted apparently. One fo the 3 was sort of done and submitted, but rejected with excruciating comments. So I thought, put that aside, and focus on the other two. It is an article, it was fine enough to submit, so why not leave it like that, it is good enough as it is to be in my thesis. But noooo, Prof was very clear. He is the one to decided whether an article is good enough. Apparently it was good enough to be submitted twice (and rejected), but it is not good enough to simply leave it and dedicate my time on the last two... Even more, I get paid to teach, and that consumes a lot of time as well. Plus of course getting used to a sort of routine including the baby. When to work, there is hardly any time left for the thesis, most of the time I am awake I am either interacting with the baby, feeding the baby, correcting exams, once a week I spend 25% of my awake time traveling back and forth to work, plus some additional stressing out because this includes dropping off and picking up baby. Somewhere before the baby I also had a horse which I rode 5 times a week. Now horsey-time is baby time. And PhD time is grading time. And the rest of the time is allotted to recovering of the constant pressure, some hormonal balance sheitte, and feelings of sleepiness that come with the season anyway. I wonder when (if ever) I will be able to pick up the parts of my life and at least finish this bloody PhD...

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