11 April 2012

the tricky thing with horses

Is that they can not speak. Only yesterday I was talking to a friend at the stables how happy the horse is and that he has been so healthy over the year, and today another friend of mine took the horse out of the stable and it was behaving "weird". It is so frustrating to make a list of possible 'symptoms' you think might be related to the weird behavior. But you can not ask the horse whether he experienced the ‘symptom’ or that it is simply a figment of your imagination that is concluding things in hindsight. I guess it is a good practice-round for when the baby is here and these issues of weird/sick/WTF is going on???? will take place at our house but then with baby as star of the show. Now, I just continue to type in combinations of the ‘symptoms’ in Google to see if anything that comes up makes sense. I hope I remember that when baby is indeed the subject of this stress I will never do this. Man, some disturbing stuff turns up… Most likely the horse is suffering from cramps. Now how is that for baby-training ;)

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