28 December 2011


As a result of all the stress, I went berserk on a manager of a restaurant. And I do not feel sorry about that. Is that bad? It took the restaurant 1,5 hours after taking the order to serve some bread, 2 hours to serve the (intentionally cold, so what's the delay...? Preparation is the secret, chef!) starters, and 2,5 hours to serve main courses that were probably planned as warm but served cold. I was with a group so couldn't leave. So when the manager asked if everything was okay, I told him it was bad planning of him and that he could have at least taken care that everybody had had a starter (or bread or something...). Or that he should not have accepted the reservation of such a big group if his kitchen wasn't up for this... And he didn't even apologize. Good thing on can nowadays online grade restaurants, I gave the place the lowest possible score on service. Morons... Oops. On another note, I have a week off, since the Uni closes down and forces everybody to take a week off between Christmas and New Years (something with sanity, stress management etc). Yay! In stead of having this week of, somebody dumped 700 exam questions of the second year students on my desk to correct and grade before January 3rd. They are open questions, and all students did their best to write down as much BS as they could think of in relation to the topic. Boo! So back to work it is... I needed this break more than ever, even more since January to March I am supposed to analyse, write and submit 3 more studies.... No pressure..... no pressure at all.....

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