30 December 2011

in the end

What better way to end this clusterf*ck of a year with all these things going wrong (family getting cancer twice, family addicted, family rehabbed, family suicide attempt, hubby gets hernia, closer family depressed, personal misery due to miscarriage, family getting two herniae (hernia's?) and hubby getting robbed [and I have this feeling I am missing something horrible that should have been on this list, well a good thing that I can not remember what]): ONE OF MY ARTICLES IS ACCEPTED. This means that I can start writing the other chapters of my thesis, and I guess it is safe for me to say that in 2012 I WILL DEFEND :) (*knocking off on wood. Please reader, do the same, let's not jinx this, I have not enough room for bad things left to continue this epic cluster of trouble in 2012, so let's knock on wood together, okay? Promise me you knock...)

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