24 May 2011

a work day actually spent doing science

I am having a lovely day: I am spending it on doing my science work. Doing some sample reading, some computer stuff. some statistics. No writing on papers, which I experience as a good thing. I am filing the rubble that was on my desk, putting all the files in the organizers they belong. I felt so much pressure of this data-back draft that now I finally started, I feel elated.

plus I finally came to ask my RA what this funding was all about. Wish I had done that before, since they have tweaked it after I worked on it, and it is not even close to what I though it was, and I do not want to apply, since it is no longer anywhere near my cup of tea.

Weird how I am kept back by these things I need to do and need to ask but do not get around to doing...

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