04 March 2013

time flies

Oh my. It has been ages since I last wrote a post. So a quick update. Little one is almost 6 months. I did a complete overhaul on article 4. Overhaul now waits for profs to read and comment on. I mess around with data for article 5. Data misses some significant basic correlations. Other than that data looks promising. If only these base line assumptions do not need to be significant. I am running other analyses to see if I can write my way around it. Teaching (or actually grading) takes a lot of time. Which I knew of course. My contract might be renewed for a year one last time. Whenever I get my PhD title I will be too expensive for the uni to keep. Plus there will be NO ass.prof or whatsoever vacancies in the near future. The economy has taken care that everybody who has a permanent-like contract stays where they are. So I need to apply for jobs at other Uni's. One thing I have learned is that Other Unis rather hire people they know, in stead of people coming from outside. As such, my academic career at a Uni in this country is over per date of PhD defence. So. The universe has decided. No academic career at a university. Research career at governmental institutions or research facilities it is. Pity that the crisis hits these sectors as well. Coming April I hear if I am "safe" until August 2014. And I am shopping around a little more serious now....


  1. yeah on another year of grading?!
    Plus: I assume you know some people at the other unis? Plus, they might know your papers, or by the time they're out they will. They know your supervisors, and they might want a "fresh" ass prof once in a while too. Do not despair, I don't think your chances for a uni-career are over completely, although it is probably wise to look for alternatives as well ...

  2. Yes, you are right time flies too fast that I didn’t even notice your absence in writing job. Anyways, I’m glad your back now. It is true that teaching is not an easy task as there are those who are hardheaded and tend to be reluctant to study. I do hope this post could be a great help to them.