01 September 2012

short update

no baby no final draft of manuscript 5 rejection of manuscript 4 accompanied with a lot of reviewer comments, which was good, however, some of the comments are lingering in my head for weeks now. I am on leave. I want to be free of science related stuff. The specific comment was about something that might be of importance to manuscript 5 as well. So I feel I am on a stand still on all manuscripts untill I meet my supervisors and hear what they have bto say about it. That was not the plan, i want to finish stuff and write up stuff Before I meet them in November(!). I want this PhD-training to be over with, get the title, and be freeeeee... I am considering sending the supervisors an email about that comment but I am not sure. 1. it is 4 days before my due date. I will look like a workaholic when sending that email. 2. I need to do some literature study before I know whether this comment makes sense. Or should I just send the thoughts I have to the supervisors and hope they know some answers just because they are more senior, and have faught this battle before? It feels like I am a bad phd student when horassing them on a topic I have not looked for literature myself. Even though I should be doing nothing since I am on leave. Bottom line: I am not doing anything, not searching for literature, so I feel I can not send that email. But I am also not putting that topic aside for some time. It just hangs around in suspense... Perhaps that is why the baby doesnt want to come yet. Perhaps it is waiting for me to decide and stick with a descission on this topic....


  1. Hang in there...the last few chapters are really hard to write really not because you don’t know the topic but that you know it so well that you’re board. I speak from experience..that you just want to the process to end and be free from the pain of having to finish. It's hard and you're probably really tired, perhaps somewhat board and you want it all over.