23 September 2012

he is here!

Two weeks ago our little baby boy was born. It was a lot of work, in total it took from Friday evening till Sunday morning 00:15.... We were home Sunday around one.At that point the little baby stopped breathing for some seconds (felt like hours) after which we were told that it was okay, just some slime he had a hard time swallowing. However the next day he wasn't eating well and only got weaker and weaker in stead of being the strong healthy boy he was after birth. So we had to go back into the hospital on Monday since our little boy was not doing well :( he was put in an incubator (is that the word, a warm bed in which you put babies?), and I was admitted two floors higher, so we were separated :( NOT a good thing. We had to stay in hospital for two days. And the conclusion was that our little boy had nothing, just suffered from start up problems due to the long delivery. The only thing they did was keeping him warm and feeding him every three hours. So long story short, we are home now, baby boy is doing fine, just some "is it reflux or is this cramps" issues all new parents have apparently. Parenting is hard! PS Not working on my thesis made me realize science is what I love to do, but I also need an income and there might be other things I like enough to do as a job that WILL provide me and my family enough money and a steady future in stead of the uncertainty science offers. So unless science has something good to offer, I will look out for other jobs. Jobs that pay. Jobs that offer security. Jobs that are less 24/7


  1. congrats on the boy being here and glad it seems to have worked out after those first scary days.

    Good luck with finding a job and thesis writing (in due time - enjoy this time and try not to worry about the future for awhile)

  2. congratulations on the new arrival!