30 July 2012

still alive

For all few readers this blog has: I am alive, and no baby yet. I was just extremely busy last month, and I went on a vacation to the south of EU. Which was a very good thing, since we had no power I could not check email, nor do analyses, or other stuff that somehow becomes more and more irrelevant as the due date comes closer. Meanwhile my contract got renewed. Uni thought it a disgrace to not renew because of my pregnancy alone. So I do have an income after maternity leave. Just (still) not enough, but in these times I should be grateful I managed to keep a (temporary) job. I also got an interview for another not so academic job. Interview went fine, but they needed somebody who could start in September. Not me, I am supposed to give labour the first week of Sep. So in short: thesis is on a pause, I am in relaxation mode, since I just came back from holiday, and my leave starts this Wednesday, and as a result of the relaxing the baby is showing some explosive growth. My aim is to start finishing the semi-final article this week. Seriously, I do want to. Now I have to find the will power ;)

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  1. good times that you got extended/renewed. Must feel a little better. Hope it keeps on with the happy!